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Managing property if you are not in the visinity is a nightmare, unpaid or delayed rents, no proper maintenance of your property, breach of the contract is a common problem faced by landlords. We provide, various level service with respect to property management including finding the tenant, negotiating with the tenant, tenant backgroud verification, carefully handling the money, property care, property inspection, book keeping including the paying bills such as property tax, service tax and other utility bills as required. To start with two levels of services in the property managment whether property is occupied or not. We are here to help you in managing the tenants, in each and every prospect. We will be your helping hand in India.

Property Management Service

Property Management Service Basic

The basic plan includes,
  • 1. 4 visits to property.
  • 2. Phone and email support to the tenants.
  • 3. Phone and email support to landlord.
  • 4. Provide property snapshots and report on every visit.
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    Property Management Service Standard

    The Standard plan includes,
  • 1. 6 visits to property.
  • 2. Phone and email support to the tenants.
  • 3. Phone and email support to landlord.
  • 4. Provide property snapshots and report on every visit.
  • 5. Collect/Follow up on rents.
  • 6. Pay property tax and utility bills.
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    Property Marketing & Leasing Service

    Property Marketing/Selling and Leasing process is complex and varies from property to property. Some properties needs lot of proactive marketing and there is no gaurantee that it will be sold/rented in given timeline. Market factors dictates the timeline. Please contact us and we can offer you the custom solution which best fits for you.

    Some of the Proactive Action Items we undertake while Leasing/Selling Process

  • Online advertisement in various rental and realestate websites
  • Publish in News Paper/Magzine ads
  • Work with known realestate agents
  • Established personal contacts and referrals
  • Staging the Property and take professional photos
  • Touring the Property for prospective customers
  • Faq's

    Why Kempa Services?

    Kempa Services is a professional and leader in the field of Property Management. With years of experience and dedication we have developed skill and acumen to perform task very efficiently and economically. Our professionals take quality and customer success as top priority.

    When do you start my work?

    Kempa Services will start working on as soon as we get the contract approved.

    What is the refund policy?

    Customer satisfaction is our priority however in the event if we fail to meet your requirements we will reimburse as per the contract.

    What areas do you cover?

    We primarily cover Bengaluru and surrounding areas.

    Who are your typical landlords?

    We work with different individuals and institutions who seek a reliable and professional Property Management Company for their leasing requirements – these may include home owners staying in Bengaluru with a second home for rental income in the vicinity, landlords staying outside Bengaluru but own a rental property in the city, professionals looking for a hassle-free rental income as they don’t have time to manage the leasing affairs and NRI investors staying outside India but have a rental property in Bengaluru.

    Who will be staying in my rental property?

    We work hard to attract the best quality tenants for your property. Our tenants include major corporations, software development companies, banks, major retailers, show rooms, restaurants, clincs and shops, MNC Corporate executives in the city for short/long projects and relocations, Expats & overseas Embassy staffers, Medical Tourists from various countries, vacation rental and holiday home renters visiting India and predominatly localites.

    Are there any requirements for making my property suitable for rent or sale?

    We essentially require that the property is in basic liveable condition, with no major defects in Electrical, Civil or Plumbing. Don’t worry if you don’t have these, we can sort most of these things on your behalf. We often signup residential properties needing partial or complete refurbishment, and will decorate, renovate or refurbish them specifically towards the target market, often at the guidance of the landlord.

    What sort of rent I can expect?

    We review the market rate for your property and offer you a competitive rent based on various factors including location, age of property, layout, furnishings, etc. Often we can see an angle on your property which can increase the rent, allowing us to estimate you an attractive figure that may go up higher if you make slight additions/ modifications as per client needs.

    What are the benefits to me?

    With Kempa Services, virtually all the hassle and risk of Commercial/Residential property letting is removed.
    * Kempa Services will advertise print, online and mobile media along with our own network of realestate professionals.
    * Kempa Services will assit in complete tenant management including lease agreement, rent collection, answering and maintaining good tenant relationship.
    * Kempa Services will stage the properties for rent/sale.
    * Kempa Services will help in minor upgrades.
    * Kempa Services will handle Property Taxes and Service Taxes.
    * Kempa Services deals with all renting regulations.
    * Kempa Services manages all property maintenance issues.
    * Kempa Services improves income for you.

    About Us!

    It all started in the year 2002 when I bought my first property in Bengaluru. It started fairly easy in the begining and then slowly things were getting messy, after loosing significant amount of rental revenue and a lot of wastage in fixing little things, most importantly the time I spent to resolve these inconsistant promises was not an efficient way of doing things and finaly I realized there is a tremendous amount of work I needed to keep up with.

    The system is like that, every one goes through it, whether getting property documents, property maintainance, or renting it out, eviction, rent collection, property tax, service tax, water bill, electricity bill and repair works etc. Every item takes time, if there is multi unit property then problems are multi folded.

    Especially when both of the couple are working with kids problems are even worse it is not enough time to keep track of these issues and many times I wished for better system or entity who is reliable, who can understand these problems and navigate the Govt. bureaucracy and work with tenants and care for their issues and provides professional quality service, reduce expenses and increase revenue and bottom line and I could not find one and waited for a few more years thinking that someone will provide this service. Since there was no one I was inspired to do it on my own. So I started on my own with my friends and family advice and it is working out great for my own properties and then I started offering services for my friends and family since 2012.

    Business has grown just based on the referrals. Fortunately we found right guys who likes their job and willing to go extra mile to satisfy our clients that made us possible to extend this service to beyond our circle to reach the whole world who needs this service the most!

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